• Image of Issue #20

AdHoc Issue 20 is here! In this issue, we get to know three musicians who go out of their way to build community whenever they’re not making great music. Bryan Funck, who tours constantly as the vocalist of Louisiana metal band Thou, runs the website NOLA DIY, which collects information on local shows, bands, venues, and promoters, along with resources for bands just starting out. Moor Mother and Eartheater, in conversation, explain the importance of creating music in the face of systemic obstacles like class inequality and gender-based discrimination—and helping others do the same through collaboration and education. Which is to say, for each of these three, being a musician is certainly about releasing plenty of forward-thinking music—but it’s also about using that platform to help others have their voices heard.

Adhoc Issue 20 features a cover by Chris Stewart (Black Marble), illustrations by Sam Nigrosh, and design by EyeBodega. Check it out via the links below, and look for the physical edition at AdHoc concerts, as well as businesses and community centers around NYC!

Download PDF:http://bit.ly/2r2C3P0
Read Girlpool interview:http://bit.ly/2nl0eWG