• Image of Issue #16

AdHoc Issue 16 is here! In this issue, we spoke to some of the people in this city who have worked long and hard to keep the city's counterculture alive—a counterculture that, for many of us, feels more urgently necessary than it did just a month ago. The founder and curator of beloved Bushwick music venue Palisades—which shuttered in October after an extended bureaucratic struggle with authorities—speak out for the first time about the venue’s closure, sharing the history of the space and lessons they’ve learned about nurturing live music in a city that seems increasingly hostile to it. And AdHoc's Miguel Gallego spoke to Parquet Courts frontman and visual artist Andrew Savage about the band’s forthcoming multi-media event, Knock! Knock! Down! Down!, and the importance of using music and art to engage with the cultural and political realities of our time.