• Image of Issue #12
  • Image of Issue #12

AdHoc Issue 12 is here! If you’ve purchased any of our previous issues, you may notice that this one’s a little different: shorter, more playful-looking, on newsprint, and free. This last quality is very important to us: we’re always looking for ways to make our publications and shows as accessible and inclusive as possible. And in keeping with the principle of adhocism—a fancy word for building the world you want to see using the resources at your disposal—each issue will be a team effort, bringing together writing, artwork, and design from musicians, artists, and other movers and shakers in the greater New York music community and beyond. For now, we’ll be distributing them during AdHoc shows. Keep your eyes peeled for a copy next time you go out—tell your friends, too! Thanks for checking it out, and we’ll see you around.

Order the physical edition on this page, and download it for free at this link: http://bit.ly/adhocissue12

* Note: because of a tech issue, we have to sell the physical editions here for $0.01 (plus shipping).

AdHoc Issue 12 features the following contributors doing the following things:

* Ben Greenberg just changed his contact lenses for the first time in two years and he thinks you look great. He plays in the band Uniform and solo under the name Hubble, in addition to producing, engineering, and mixing records at the studio Strange Weather in Brooklyn. For this issue, he interviewed rock gods the Melvins about their career and the state of rock & roll.

* Victoria Ruiz is the lead singer of the Downtown Boys. She is inspired by her bandmates and family. She writes for The Spark Mag, Fvck the Media, and Impose Magazine—and contributed this issue’s featured essay about the complicated relationship between race and rock, in conversation with Emilie Friedlander.

* A. Savage is an artist living in New York City. His hobbies include karaoke and Tex-Mex, and he made the artwork on the cover of this zine.

* Sara Lautman is an illustrator and cartoonist. She likes to swim, and has published cartoons with The New Yorker, Jezebel, Tablet, and elsewhere. Her tweets are on Twitter (@saralautman) and her sketchbooks are on Instagram (@slautow).

* All designed by EyeBodega, this issue also features a full listing of upcoming AdHoc shows, plus a schedule of concerts for this week's Northside Festival.